Tupaia reviews round-up.

Tupaia Story Labels 6

Tēnā anō tātou,

here’s a quick collection of the reviews available online for The Adventures Of Tupaia.

A lovely one here from Paula Green at NZPoetryBox.

Briar Lawry reviews it at The Sapling.

More kind words at What Book Next and The Reading Warrior.

Then there’s this here from Canvas Magazine 14/7/19:

“A spectacular hardback published in partnership with Auckland Museum to accompany the Tupaia exhibition (now on), this follows the story of Tupaia from his childhood in Ra’iatea to becoming a highranking ’arioi and master navigator who sailed with Captain James Cook as part of the crew on the Endeavour. Meredith and Tait incorporate a range of styles in this evocatively illustrated work, which adds nuance to the story of how Europeans put Aotearoa on their maps. It’s a story that should be read in all New Zealand primary schools.”

Heoi anō, kāore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka…

The Heading Dog Who Split In Half.

heading-dog-cvr-72ppiSo I’ve mentioned this book elsewhere on the site, but the pub. date is approaching quickly, and it’s time to run up a flag.

My friend Mike Brown and I have produced this book see? It’s called The Heading Dog Who Split In Half: Legends and Tall Tales From New Zealand and it’s a collection of local stories we think are interesting, or important, or revealing, and deserve to be more widely known. I think I can safely say that all of them, in one way or another, have struck a personal chord with us. We hope that they will with the reader as well; that they’ll start conversations, help to recall other stories, and not least, be entertaining.

The book is being published by Potton & Burton, top notch producer of quality NZ books, and will be available in shops in late October 2015. You can pre-order it here, but since you’re smart and discerning, before you do that you should head over to The Old, Weird New Zealand for more info on the book, a bunch of artwork, some ramblings, and more. Kia tere!

And stay tuned.

New stuff added.

As above. I’ve added a few new images to the Kimihia gallery (which is where the flotsam and jetsam that won’t fit anywhere else will end up), as well as a one-pager entitled All Cats Are Killers, a thing I did a couple of years back in a pedagogic fit. It has since been published in Adrian Kinnaird’s hefty EnZed comics antho From Earth’s End, which is well worth a purchase.

A lick of paint.

Dear Anyone Who’s Paying Attention,

thanks for taking the time to check out the new and improved mattait.com. It’s been a long time coming; the old site’s been gathering dust for a while now, with an absence of new material posted and an interface unchanged since 2002. Shameful.

So the thing is, I’ve got this new book coming out soon (stay tuned) and have been prompted to get off my arse and whakapai the site, in the spirit of best foot forward and so on. Seems like a pretty good reason.

There’ll be more frequent updates, pictures and comics shared, news trumpeted, etc, at least while the gloss is still on which’ll be for a while yet. And then it’ll be time for another lick of paint.

I thank you.